Being noticed online is as important now as it ever had been and no business can afford to ignore the power of the Internet. Quite simply, if your customers can’t find your business online it will quickly be forgotten.

This is where SEO is vital. SEO is the process of optimising a website to ensure that the content of the website – pages, images and files – can be indexed properly by the big search engines such as Google and Bing.

It’s not just about making sure the text within your website is well presented. The way in which your websites navigation sits within the web design can also play a part in helping your website rank above the competition.

Built correctly your web design and SEO will ensure potential customers can find you. Afterall, you found this website, didn’t you?


Whitehat verses Blackhat SEO

In terms of SEO, Whitehat is where a web designer adopts recommended and safe methods of optimising a website, whereas Blackhat is using methods of web design which tries to ‘trick’ search engines into ranking a website higher.

Companies such as Google and Bing invest millions in ensuring that the results people are presented with are accurate and relevant. If you try to fool the system, you’ll eventually get discovered. Don’t risk it.

ColneTech adopts only whitehat SEO techniques, keeping abreast of the requirements of Google and Bing and advising clients as an when requirements change.


Original, authoritative content is vital

Search engines – in particular Google – add weight to websites which demonstrate they are authoritative. Content needs to be original to complete against the millions of other webpages all competing for that first page position.


Plagiarism will massively reduce your SEO ranking (and may result in a ban from Google)

Imagine Google is the class teacher you and you’ve not done your homework. You copy from a friend, your teacher realises, and you receive a detention.

The same applies to writing copy for websites: if you copy and paste from other websites then Google will quickly discover you’re cheating and will demote your website. You might get away with it on a small scale, but sooner or later you can expect your website to disappear from the results. Ignore this at your peril.

ColneTech checks all copy against plagiarism filters to ensure that customers websites aren’t at risk of being demoted due to a plagiarism¬†strike.


ColneTech can help you get noticed online without incurring outrageous costs

In today’s world all companies are looking to cut costs, whether they’re a multinational or a Sole Trader. The idea of employing the services of a web designer and SEO expert can seem daunting, but may not be as expensive as you think.

ColneTech offer website design including search engine optimisation starting at just ¬£349 including a domain name and 1 year’s hosting.

What’s more, we can show you how to add content to your own website and keep it optimised for the future; without the need to pay expensive web designers to update your website for you.


Our SEO packages include:

  • Optimising web content to help improve search engine ranking
  • Setting up the Google Business, Bing Places, Facebook and Twitter pages linked to your business
  • Branding across all platforms
  • Suggesting content improvements to help boost your page ranking
  • Links to free tools which can help you monitor your website’s ranking and visits so that you can see how changes are improving your ranking